Government policy introduced free contraception for women aged between 17-30 earlier this year. This is covered on your PPSN and so you may be asked to provide your PPSN for your consultation and again when collecting your contraception from your pharmacy. Note that pharmacies are allowed to issue the morning after pill without the need to see a doctor, so may suit some women better to attend there. We are a myoptions practice, catering for our own registered patients at present

If it is your first time starting contraception, we do encourage you to make an appointment to go through all options with you. Not every option is suitable for each person. The doctor or nurse will ensure that you choose a method that is best suited to your needs. Please advise us that you want to discuss contraception and we will ensure that there is enough time to go through everything. Some of our more common methods are listed below. For more information, click here.

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IntraUterine Coil Device

We provide coil fitting for women who have had children and those who haven’t. Generally, for fitting of a coil, 3 appointments are required, a pre-fitting visit, to assess and ensure safe and appropriate time to fit the coil, the fitting of the coil itself, and a check up 4-6 weeks afterwards. There are three main coil that we use, Mirena, Kyleena and Jaydess. There is also a newer copper device, Ballerine, which is covered on the free contracpetive scheme.

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The Implanon is a 4cm long flexible bar that sits under the skin of your upper arm and provides 3 years contraceptive cover. Usually, the implanon is ideal for younger women who have not had children. Two appointments are generally necessary; one prior to insertion and the insertion itself.

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The depo-provera is an injectable contraceptive that is given every 12 weeks. Our practice nurse is a registered nurse prescriber and can provide this service without the need to see the doctor.

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Oral Contraceptive Pill

Our practice nurse is a registered nurse prescriber, who can do a complete check up for your “pill” and provide you with your prescriptions without the need to see a GP. Usually 3 or 6 month prescriptions can be given.