Blood Tests
Appointments for blood tests can be made any morning with the practice nurse. Results usually take one to two weeks. For diabetes and cholesterol testing the patient will be asked to fast from midnight. If these blood tests are requested by a doctor outside the practice, a letter from the requesting doctor will be required.  

ECG testing is performed on site by the nurse at the request of the doctors.

24-hour BP Monitor
The nurse manages the 24 hour blood pressure monitor.  There is usually a waiting list for this service and you will be contacted about the monitor 1-2 weeks in advance of using it.

Childhood Immunisations
The practice administers the Primary Childhood Immunsation Schedule as per HSE guidance and the National Immunisations Office.  Missed school vaccines are not currently administered inthe practice but, please contact the surgery where we will be happy to give you further information about this.  

Seasonal Vaccines
The flu & pneumonia vaccines are available every autumn.  It is available free of charge to all patients with a medical card who are over 65 years or who fall into certain categories.  An administration fee wil apply to those outside these categories.  

Cryotherapy involves the use of liquid nitrogen to remove a variety of skin lesions, warts, veruccas etc.  A doctor review may be required prior to treatment to assess suitablility.  Several treatment sessions may be required.  We provide a cryotherapy clinic on Friday afternoons by appointment only  
Ear Syringing 
Syringing may be required for impacted wax.  Use of softening drops or olive oil three times daily for 4-5 days is advised prior to attending.  

Diabetes Care
The practice is involved in the Cycle of Care programme for Type II diabetic patients.  Six monthly check ups are facilitated by the practice nurse.  Typically this will involve fasting blood tests, review of blood sugar levels and blood pressure monitoring, along with ensuring retinal screening, podiatry and any lifestyle measures are discussed.  

Individuals with a history of myocardial infarction (heart attack), stenting or coronary artery bypass grafts (CABG) are registered with the Heartwatch programme.  Review is conducted two to four times per year.

Cervical Check
Please note that Cervical Check screening has resumed.  Any woman with a letter from cervical Check can contact the surgery to make an appointment for their cervical screening.  

The nurse can provide basic dressings to all patients on appointment basis.  If being discharged from hospital for routine dressings, please bring written information from the hospital regarding the type of dressing you require, as occasionally, your wound may be better served by the public health nurse.  

Suture/clip Removal
The nurse can also remove stitches(sutures) and clips folowing surgerys or injuries.  Please note that suture removal and clip removal is instructed by the hopsital for specific times.  Please make your appointment well in advance so as to ensure removal on the correct days.

Nurse Prescribing
The nurse in the practice is a registered nurse prescriber (RNP).  This allows her to prescribe certain medications to patients e.g. contraception, morning after pill, asthma, COPD, diabetes.  If this is a service you may be interested in using, please discuss this with the doctor or nurse to see if you are eligible for this service.