Covid-19 updates

Covid-19 information is constantly changing and so to keep you informed with the most up to date information, we have compiled a list of HSE links, all listed below, which will direct you to the most recent updates

Preventing Covid-19

Remember the following steps to minimise spreading of COVID-19

  • Wash your hand regularly or use hand sanitiser
  • Cover your mouth and nose with face coverings when in public places
  • Avoid touching objects or people, Don’t shake hands or hug
  • Maintain a social distance of 2meters from others when at all possible

Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

We are following HSE guidance on the roll out of Covid-19 vaccines. We are currently working through group 3, patients over 70 years of age. We will contact anyone in this group to arrange vaccination.

Useful links

HPSC self-isolation info for patients

HPSC information for close contact of confirmed case

HSE back to school advice for parents

HSE employer information on covid-19

HSA return to work self-declaration form

HSE how to use face coverings

Asthma Society and covid-19

Asthma Society – face coverings for people with asthma

Government travel advice

HSE Information on the flu vaccine 2020/2021